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Instruction: Add legal texts to your Etsy shop

Updated: Jan 21

Upload your legal notice, privacy policy and terms and conditions quick and easy.

I. How to insert general terms and conditions (GTC) on Etsy

In the shop manager you go to settings, then you go to policy settings.

There you go to cancellations and at the bottom there is a section Right of withdrawal in the EU. Click on the pencil. Here you can enter your general terms and conditions. Don't forget to publish changes.

Don't you have any general terms and conditions yet? Then there is the legal text here without subscription:

II. How to use privacy policy template for your Etsy shop

  1. Visit your shop manager.

  2. Click on "settings".

  3. Click on "policy settings"

  4. Click on "privacy".

  5. Click on the "pencil" near My shop’s privacy policy.

  6. Copy your privacy policy and paste it into the text field.

Don't have a privacy policy? Download the following template without subscriptions and fill it out yourself:

III. How to publish your legal notice on Etsy:

  • Instructions for companies (with company registration number):

    1. In your shop manager look for sales channels. Click on the pencil.

    2. Scroll down to end of the opened site. There is the section "seller details".

    3. Insert your legal notice to make it publicity.

      • Instructions for private individuals (without company registrations number):

Unfortunately, this legal notice only appears for companies. That's why we've come up with a solution for small businesses who don't have a commercial register number.

  1. In your shop manager look for sales channels. Click on the pencil.

  2. Scroll down to middle of the opened site. There is the section"shop members". Add a "Owner". Enter your legal notice in the textfield below.

If you don't yet have all the legal texts and would like to get the best price, then you're definitely interested in our Etsy Bundle with all the legal texts for your Etsy shop and everything without a subscription, but as an instant download:

Thank you for your support!

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